Board Positions


ERYS Executive Board


Lafayette Eaton -

Duties include overseeing the league and assisting in league related decisions. Organizing and facilitating league draft. Coordinating and scheduling board meetings. Oversee league master schedule (Online Registration, Draft, Parent/Coaches meetings, Coaches Training, League Games, Pictures, Season Finale) As well as setting up the Club picture days/times/ and teams.  Organize and facilitate league draft. Produce rosters for coaches. Supervise League play during games. Maintain Google drive and field emails. Attend required Monroe United Recreational Soccer League (MURSL) meetings. Attend all ERYS board meetings. Field presence during season.


Vice President

Tom Parr - 

Duties include recruiting/overseeing/training coaches.  Assisting the President in league related decisions.  Assist with league draft. Assist presidents with supervising league play during games. Coordinate coaches (recruit coaches). Attend required Monroe United Recreational Soccer League (MURSL) meetings Attend all ERYS board meetings. Field presence during season.



Mike Carlotta - 

Duties include taking notes for each board meeting. Assist with league draft. Collect game scores and provide them to the Webmaster.  Organize and facilitate league tournaments by providing brackets and communicating with parents and coaches. Attend all meetings. Field presence during season.



Mike Broker -

Duties include paying all league bills in a timely manner and being accountable for all money and maintaining NYSW registration and insurance. Coordinating and communicating with the Referee Assignor to establish certified refs for all games.  Field presence during season.



Robert Murphy -

Duties including scheduling of registration dates, reviewing and updating registration forms, submitting registration advertising, and website registration system.    Attend all meetings. Field presence during season.


ERYS Operating Committees


Nicole Vosburgh -

Duties include maintaining and creation of the website. Organize and maintain practice and game schedules for the league on the website.  


Concession Stand Coordinator

Tracy Maier

Duties include organizing and scheduling concession stand services for game nights.   This would include purchasing food and other concession stand supplies and organizing volunteers to run the stand.  Supervise Concession stand operation on game nights.   This position only runs May - July.  There is no need to attend meetings or receive league communication; these would be optional. 


Sponsor Coordinator

David Cieslinkski

Duties include soliciting sponsors for teams and communication requests from sponsors. Sponsorships need to be secured and paid by the end of March.  Attend all meetings. Field presence during season. 


Uniform Coordinator

Adnan Kadiri

Order all uniforms for the league and distribute them to the teams.  Work with vendors on special/late uniform orders.   Attend all meetings. Field presence during season. 


Equipment Coordinator

Jeff Alkins

Duties include ordering all club equipment.  Distribution of equipment to coaches, before the beginning of the season and collecting all equipment from coaches at the end of the season.  Facilitate the installation of the goals and nets at the start of each season and the storage of goals and nets at the close of each season. Setup flags and check fields prior to each game and return flags after each game. Assist with league draft.  Attend all meetings. Field presence during season.


Field Coordinator

Andrew Warner

Duties include working with the School field coordinator to ensure fields are ready for use and correct field sizing for each league is established before the beginning of each season. Coordinate field use with RDYSL, MURSL, ERYS, and ER Schools though out the season. Attend all meetings.  Field presence during season.


Events Coordinator

Shayna Freeman

Organize the league and teams for both the Memorial Day Parade and Fireman's Parade.  Organize and supervise league picture night. Secure food, drinks, and for the Finale event.  Secure medals and trophies to be given to players at Season Finale.  Distribute sponsors' plaques at the end of the season.  Field presence during season.


Members At Large (Open)

Help with all league related events and decisions. Attend all meetings. Field presence during season.